Week Two! MKMMA

My second week of MKMMA and I’m blown away! Where I had been waning for lack of growth, I now find that I am pulling at my bootstraps to keep up. I have to admit, well okay, I don’t have to… I’d like to admit that I’m more than a little afraid too. I’m like most people who are on the road to change, I think, in that I’m afraid of the unknown and the what if I fail syndrome.

Having to face the emotion that is within all the while just wanting to cross the finish line and live the real life that I’m meant to live.

I have no problem facing my emotions. I’m in touch with myself, but to have to tell another, no less a stranger is another thing. I find though that I am liking it, IMMENSELY! I’m having to write rather than talk. I’m having to write in a way that other can understand. This be more to the point.

With the help of my guide and all the instructions of MKMMA I feel that I am in a safe zone to go where I’ve not gone before. I’ve known most of what is being talked about in the webinars, but I’ve never actually put it into action. By having tangible requirements I have to put what I know and what I’m being reminded of as well as what I’ve yet to learn into action and herein lies the KEY. MASTERKEY!

I always keep my promises, especially to and for myself.

Valerie J. Holmes20150927_135207(0)


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