Week Four MKMMA Style!

I’ve read some great blogs this last week. I read those who had written to me on what I’ve blogged. I had really wanted to have the time to answer everyone.

When I’ve posted this blog, I’ll send my yet again revised DMP to my guide and in this revised edition I am definitely going to include having the time to do the things that I WANT to do.

I’ve always had this feeling about me that I am meant for greatness, but what me idea if greatness is, not what anyone else has had in mind for me as to what they see as me being great.

I quit! I quit giving less than 100% BUT not to everyone else. I quit giving less than 100% to me! Since Friday when I rejoined “The Goodlife” gym, lol, I love saying that, I’ve rejoined the goodlife, I’ve worked out everyday. I’m sore, but it’s that good kind of sore that you feel when you have used your body in the way it wants to be used.

Week four hit home for me. I have not been living the life I want for years.

My PPN’s are true health and autonomy. Time to give 100%

How about you?


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