5th Week of MKMMA

I strongly resemble the remark that was said during the MasterMind tonight that I know/knew just how everyone and everything should be, but yet I had/have a ways to go to be in my Ideal Scene!

Life is a journey not the destination. True, but holy… did I come around the long way. For most of my years, being the second oldest and the little mom, meaning that I was the mom when our mom wasn’t there, I was the one that my sisters and sometimes my brothers came to for the solution or the answer. It is no wonder then that I should be opinionated as I became an adult as I was still the one that others sought out for sound advise, a shoulder or an ear until I disconnected.

I was living that life of quiet desperation and JUST  couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to change. I wanted to be better and to do more than I was, but I thought that I needed the others in my life to be on board with all that I wanted to be BEFORE I could make the first step. Good Gawd!  Call me a control freak. Or was it that thing of knowing what everyone else should be doing? I think there was a whole lot of that going on too.

That was then. Now, my journey has brought me to MKMMA and blogging. I live a life that isn’t exactly what I would call my ideal scene, but one thing for sure, I’m not telling others what it is that they should be doing. My life is closer to what it is that I’ve wanted it to be all those years ago. I’m happier for it too.

Most of those other folks… they’ll find their way. May be, I can be of help to them now that I couldn’t have been then. I think of it this way, I wouldn’t be here now if things had been different then.


3 thoughts on “5th Week of MKMMA

    1. Aloha Fairlyone, I really appreciated your words this week. Thank you for sharing your insights. May your journey in the MKMMA experience be everything and MORE than you’ve dreamed it would be. Mahalo Wendyht


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