Press Release (MKMMA)


When I first met Valerie J. Holmes, I’m impressed at how success hasn’t changed her. She is calm and relaxed as we talk in the comfort of her home nestled in the foothills of our Alberta Rockies. One would not know the amount of money that she earns through her home based business of Healthy Chocolate by the home she shares with her life’s mate. Their home has a warm comforting unassuming air about it although has every amenity. Not unlike the woman who owns it.

Conversations with Valerie are, easy. She is a pleasure to hear speak. Through her warm comforting ways you learn how Healthy Chocolate eradicates free radicals from the body as it is the number one food source of antioxidants. You also learn how the compensation plan of Xocia, Healthy Chocolate enables anyone to earn exponential wealth. In her words, “Being healthy is a goal of  a lot of people I have met over my lifetime. I know it’s been one of mine for years! When I can put my attention on helping others obtain what I have brings me great pleasure. As I no longer have my attention on my health and now that of my income, I am able to spend my time as I please. And as I am a pleaser, helping others be healthy and wealthy is a great way to fill my days.” Valerie giggles as she offers me a piece of Xocia X-Power Square. It’s easy to see that she is very happy. She is a person that other people feel good by being around her. I know I do.

T. Ranstad

Edmonton Journal


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