MKMMA Week Six

Here we are yet again. I’ve said before how I’ve read a number of blogs (or posts or is it both?) and how I can relate to each that I’ve read.

Chuck has a son that doesn’t get what Chuck writes. The son is missing out, oops opinion! Well, I get it AND I enjoy reading what you write Chuck.

Wendy, my goodness woman, YOU ROCK! I could never do what it is that you do for one simple reason and that is that I need more sleep than just a couple of hours a night. You inspire me though. I too am wanting to help others. I hope that I do.

JC, Jamie, Your latest blog has me knowing that all is not lost. There is hope, for us all.

Dr. Terrence G. Neraasen reads well, has the best looking blog site I’ve seen to date and reminds me of home. While I am currently in southern Ontario I ready to go home to Alberta. I’m curious to know where you and your son went looking for ducks.

Jennifer, you said it all when you said ” Whoa! wait a minute-I’m already full” in reference to how much can WE learn. I too am learning that we can learn still even more.

Course, then to Stephen, my guide. Thanks for all that you have helped me with.

You’ve all said is your own way, what Jen has said and I have too. There have been many times in the last 6 weeks that that old blueprint has wanted to NOT do what I’m doing now. I admit I’m not as caught up on all the reading that there is, BUT I am very proud and am beginning to feel the results of going to the gym, again, (Forrest Gump voice). YAY ME! lol

Kick that old blueprint to the curb!


5 thoughts on “MKMMA Week Six

  1. Hi Fairlyone, I only just found out about the “your monthly 5” group task. I noticed a mention of this on the Digital Connection survey and emailed my guide to ask what it was. And here’s your blog. Wow! Was it a blog post? Oh, goodness, I don’t even know!
    I loved your post. I think the exhaustion has just hit – along with finally having time to grieve for my dog – and I’m ready for bed at 6pm! I’m going to sleep a bit more rather than attend a different webinar, then I’ll trust I’ll get my Press Release written. Mahalo, Wendyht


  2. Your acknowledgement of the bloggers you are following is beautiful. It is an amazing thing to be sharing this experience with so many others, isn’t it? šŸ™‚


  3. Aloha Fairlyone. I’m back – and yes, it’s 4am, but I’ve been taking 2 hour naps here and there. So, I just wanted to return the compliment – YOU ALSO ROCK – being able to send a comment to all 5 of your group is absolutely AWESOME in my book. I’ve been challenged just to attempt to get onto my dashboard this week – so I can complete assignments. I think I’ve just found it – yay! However, it’s now time to sleep – LOL :-)) Thank you for your inspirational post. Wendyht


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