Here I go, AGAIN! Week 8

Old blueprint or give more, get more? Last week my laptop of nine years, quit. Well, it took on a mind of it’s own. I was happily writing a blog, when unbeknownst to me 3 paragraphs went, *poof* gone! The next evening it took over 3 hours to write an email to my guide explaining to him the situation that I was in. Now, I fully accept that I am in the situation I am in because of me and my choices, but there are times that I’d truly love to put the blame on any one other than me.

So, because of where I am, it came to me that I should reformat this laptop rather than to try and buy another. Funds are limited and I have many other more pressing needs although an argument could be laid that a working laptop will help me to be a better me which will then help me to bring in more funds to me with which I could then fulfill those more pressing needs!

At the beginning of MKMMA, I had no idea of what I was signing up for. I was simply told that it was about cause and effect. That I am both cause and effect of my choices, my interest was piqued. At the same time I had also agreed to volunteer with the treasury department of my church. Little did I know how much time both activities would take of the little time I have left to call my own after working 40 hrs a week.

As I am a pleaser, meaning that I have the tendency to put the needs of others before my own, I spent more time at the church than I did on my reading or my sits or my anything else. Someone sure could use a dust rag and the vacuum in my apartment. I did however catch the meaning of what MKMMA is to mean to me and to all of us who are participating. I did manage to spend more time at the gym, as I have mentioned before, and I did manage to get ‘most’ of my tangible assignments completed.

I am very pleased that what I did do, in regard to reading and sits, have had wonderful results thus far for me. I’m feeling oh so much stronger because of my workouts. The level of pain that I experience has decreased dramatically. I am in need of both my knees being replaced as I have almost no cartilage in either.

There was a situation at work where I was able to put into practice scroll II. When I responded with love in my eyes and in my heart rather than the venom that was being spewed towards me and then further, when I declined to take up the opportunity to point out that this same person had made a mistake in the work performed, the effect on everyone of whom I work with, was noticeable. Needless to say, this too pleases me.

Which brings me back to where I started with this blog. When I had informed my guide that the laptop was going to make my getting my tangible assignments done, difficult, I was crestfallen. He was kind and understanding, but I was of mixed emotions of not being ‘able’ to blog and being prevented from responding to all of you who are on my blog roll. So, herein, I promise to get a response in to everyone who has a comment coming from me.

I always keep my promises.

Valerie J. Holmes


3 thoughts on “Here I go, AGAIN! Week 8

  1. Aloha Valerie, Wow – great changes happening!!! Even in the face of computer challenges. Your description of the situation at work and how that whole “thread” played out – and how good it felt – was awesome. Mahalo for your inspiration!


  2. Ah yes…. you clearly live with Og and observe his advice as in ” I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge” and “But how will I react to the actions of others? With love.” You are hitting on all cylinders with this post Valerie.


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